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Smart management system

The system of planning, control and reporting on promotions, the toolkit is integrated with the iScala.


Policy Management

Electronic documentation and policy management module

A tool for storing and distributing electronic documentation, with the ability to interact with documents



HelpDesk System

Single point of contact for support. A convenient and understandable mechanism for users allows you to send requests directly to the support service, bypassing less effective ways to resolve problems (attempts to solve it on your own or with the help of colleagues, contacting the first IT employee that comes across).

Service Level Agreement

A detailed service level agreement makes life easier for the client and ensures high quality of service, helps to avoid misunderstandings or inconsistencies in the provided service, allows both the client and the supplier to focus on the details. Protects the contractor from ambiguous and unidentified requirements. In addition, the provision of services in accordance with the SLA guarantees predictable results, allows you to quickly resolve problems, while at the same time increasing brand loyalty.

ERP Roll Out

Development, customization of a single solution in different divisions of the company.
Adaptation of the template solution to the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Replication of complex solutions and functional blocks.

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Software Development

Process automation

We develop effective automation tools that meet all the needs of your business. Success is always in the details: we carefully study and work through each project that we undertake, trying to understand exactly what needs to be implemented in a particular situation so that the final product is really effective.

Software customization

Customizing the software for the individual needs of the customer improves the quality of legacy solutions without additional costs for the selection, development, implementation and support of new systems from scratch. The customer gets rid of compromises in functionality, and seamless application migration reduces the period of adaptation to new tools.

Mobile development

We offer a set of our own developments for the integration of corporate systems with mobile devices. These are systems for integrating tasks, collecting and analyzing data, etc. They are based on simple scalability and maximum data security.

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Many issues related to the control of procurement activities have been resolved. As a result, we received a completely satisfactory product. Thank you guys for your patience and understanding.

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About Us

“APICO Soft” has established itself as a stable company, with a clean reputation, has high reliability ratings from independent experts (such as, for example, sbis.ru, rusprofile.ru). We employ and cooperate with highly qualified certified professionals with at least 10-15 years of relevant experience. International experience and knowledge of our market segment allow us to compete with large system integrators. We use professional development technologies, use modern means of interaction and invest in the development of the company. You can get impressions about us from customers.

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